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Today, all businesses need online visibility. There are many user-friendly tools or softwares  out there to discover. @WM78 develops workshops in English on a selection efficient tools that are very useful and easy to master for any size of business. The Digital Marketing Workshops help entrepreneurs or marketers  know the secrets of how to optimise the visibility of a business on Internet and develop it further.

Free Training For All Employees And Entrepreneurs In France

All workers and business owners in France can attend trainings and workshops paid by the OPCA of their firm. The administrative process can take some time but it is definitely worth the while.

To find out more about the OPCA of your firm, go to the website (unfortunately only in French!)

Digital Marketing Workshop by Christel Capéran from @WM78

Digital Marketing Workshop by Christel Capéran from @WM78

List of Digital Marketing and Social Media Workshops:

Creating a business Facebook page and activating it
Instagram for beginners
Creating a Google My Business account to help visibility on Google
Creating or optimising your LinkedIn profile
Canva workshop to create your own images for social media, flyers or your website
Mailchimp workshop to set-up an emailing template and a list of contacts
Hootsuite to optimise your social media

If you are interested in a specific digital marketing workshop, please contact to plan a date.